Baby Care

3 Things I Wish I’d Known About Having A Newborn

No matter how much reading I did, nothing could prepare me for the experience of actually caring for a newborn, let alone my own little person.

There are definitely some things I learn’t along the way which I wish I knew beforehand though and some things I miss.

  1. Cuddles – I wish I had let Baby B sleep on my chest more often. It now takes a bloody miracle to get her to sleep there. Chest snuggles have always made me feel all warm inside and gives a real appreciation for how little they are at this point. Also, fun fact, if you have skin to skin while having these cuddles they benefit both you and the baby by releasing ‘happy hormones’.
  2. Sleep – They say to sleep when the baby sleeps and this cannot be more true. In those first couple of weeks I was up every 2-3 hours with Baby B and initially I tried to do too much rather than catch up on much needed rest. I quickly learned that the housework can wait, or hubby can do chores while Baby B and I both slept – if I had continued to try and do it all myself I would have driven myself into the ground.
  3. There is so much poo – Like seriously. 2-3 poops a day of varying colours throughout those first couple of weeks! And oddly, you become fascinated. Each poo is like a celebration when its the right colour and consistency. And then you find yourself scrutinising the ones that look ever so slightly different, trying to figure out if anything is wrong. It’s slightly bizarre to be honest.


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