Mother’s Day

Now let me begin by saying – I do not believe in Mother’s Day.

In my view it is just another commercialised day where children (and adults) are pressured into spending money on gifts for their parents. We have birthdays, we have Christmas, do we really need another day?

My husband realised it was going to be my first Mother’s Day this year and asked me if I wanted anything/wanted to do anything. I point blank told him no. I do not need thanking for doing my job as a parent to a child that I chose to bring in to this world. It was my choice to have the child, not the child’s, and I will never expect a gift for doing so.

And that’s where a lot of the problem lies with holidays like Mother’s Day – the expectation.

Some parents couldn’t give 2 hoots if they receive anything but there are others who have a meltdown if the ground they walk on is not worshipped on this day. And that really rubs me the wrong way.

Some parents were in fact pretty shitty, should they get thanks for that on this day? Some parents were notoriously absent, should they? Then there’s the abundance of abuse that we hear about, both physical and emotional, should they get thanks for that too? No. But if you were one of those individuals who suffered at the hands of these parents, and an unknowing friend or colleague asked you what you were doing for your mother, you would then get judged if you said you were doing nothing.

Because that’s what society has created, this expectation that you should thank your parents for your very existence. If I didn’t exist then I wouldn’t really know any better would I?

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