Life At 4 Months Old

When we got to the 4 month mark I would say I thought we had it pretty good.

Oh how little did I know.

We were on the brink of chaos, pure unadulterated chaos.

Baby B seemed a little more dribbly than usual over Christmas and we suspected we might soon be seeing our first tooth, and we were right. This marked a whole new era in our lives together. No longer was she our dribbly gummy bear, she was getting teeth and she was unafraid to use them! Anything she could sink her new found tooth into, she would, whether that was a teething ring or your unsuspecting finger. They are super sharp at this age by the way, it seriously hurts.


With the first tooth also came our first run in with the dreaded nappy rash, and boy did Baby B get it bad. Before we even saw it coming we were dealing with open sores around her delicate region and poor Baby B certainly was suffering. Teething was making her wee more acidic too and was certainly not helping matters. We tackled this by using cotton wool and water at each nappy change for 2 weeks alongside Metanium nappy rash treatment cream (the yellow one).

This stuff is magic by the way.

We also had a round of persistent poops to add to the joy of those 2 weeks, no break of wind came on its own! My advice when you see even a hint of that first tooth is to stock up on nappies and cream, seriously we were getting through about 8 a day in a 14 hour window.

Once those 2 weeks passed though we were back to having a bubbly Baby B to entertain us all day. She thankfully didn’t seem to be going through the infamous 4 month sleep regression and was still sleeping through the night from about 6-4am.

Toward the end of the month though it began to make it’s appearance and February became quite a difficult month.

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