Babies And Sugar

This one really drives me nuts. While I understand that grandparents are eager to spoil their grandchildren I just do not understand why this must always be in the form of sugary items and things that are bad for them.

With Easter fast approaching we have recently had to have the conversation with my hubby’s parents that they were not to buy an Easter egg for Baby B. She is 7 months old and does not need that rubbish in her system at this point, she certainly isn’t going to miss it.

This of course was met with the ‘ohhhh you’re spoiling our fun!’ attitude but to be honest I couldn’t care less. I explained that we have no immediate plans to introduce chocolate to her as we want to ensure she has a good healthy diet established before we introduce any rubbish; I am admittedly not a good eater and I believe this is in part because I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I want better for Baby B.

The conversation came to fruition when the suggestion was made that they were going to get her a Milky Bar egg, because for some reason they thought white chocolate was not as bad. White chocolate is the unhealthiest kind because it is made with the cocoa butter of the bean rather than the actual cocoa, and then sweetened with a ton of artificial sweeteners. And all that crap would only leave us with a baby with an upset tummy who would be gifting us dirty nappies ten times a day in a bid to clear her system because her digestive system cannot handle it at this point.

For me personally I don’t want to introduce sugar as a regular feature in her diet until around the age of 2, and even then it will be limited. I’m not a complete ogre though, things like birthday cakes and what not will be allowed and a sweet treat at Christmas too. Moderation is key, not spoiling until they are rotten and have no teeth left

We also have the added combination of the cleft palate to consider. Until this is repaired Baby B will have a hole in her mouth which can get easily clogged with the stickiness of chocolate so that’s another hurdle for us to overcome. At present it’s still looking to be June/ July before that will happen by which point she will be 9/10 months old.

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