Babies Are So Noisy

I don’t mean the crying, we all know that can be ear splitting. I’m talking about the sleep.

You picture this peaceful sleeping angel that doesn’t make a noise other than the occasional sigh but the reality can be very different. For example, it is currently 3.34am and I can’t sleep because Baby B woke me up with her movements.

Baby B has always been quite petite but the reason we moved her to her cot in her own room at 5 months was because the noise she was making in her sleep was destroying any sleep we were getting. There were grunts, there was thrashing, there was huffing and puffing, there was snoring, there was crying out in her sleep. All of this made for a very restless night’s sleep for us even on the nights that she was sleeping through. We tried raising her basket at one end, and she always sleeps in a sleep sack but this made little difference.

Putting her in her cot in her own room has helped somewhat with this. We no longer have quite so much disturbance with every movement she makes, but we do still get awoken – as is evident by the fact I’m currently up now! Currently her favourite thing to do is roll in her sleep, which inevitably leads to her ending on her front and then waking herself in frustration trying to get back on her back.

I’m severely hoping she gets past thing within the month as sleep is much needed for keeping up with her during the day nowadays!

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