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Nappy Rash

We were very lucky for the first 4 months of Baby B’s life, she didn’t suffer at all with nappy rash and we didn’t need to use barrier cream with her at nappy changes.

With her first tooth came our first run in with nappy rash, and boy was it a big one. Teething is notorious for making wet nappies more acidic, which coupled with overly regular poops, took its toll on poor Baby B’s skin. It all happened so quickly we didn’t have the time to realise what was happening and stop it in its tracks until it was too late.

This particular rampage of nappy rash was particularly bad as Baby B developed sores that split and bled, making every bladder or bowel movement particularly painful for her. This created all manner of stress for us all as Baby B was understandably screaming in pain every time she had to go for a wee.

We tried Bepanthen but found it didn’t touch the soreness. Instead we swapped to washing with cotton wool and cool water at each nappy change and then applying Metanium nappy rash treatment. This stuff was an absolute god send, I seriously don’t know how we would have coped if I hadn’t found other mums online recommending it. Now if we get even the slightest bit of redness I just pop a bit of the yellow stuff on and hey presto, it’s gone within 24 hours.

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