Family Life

Juggling Home Life


This one is difficult.

Everyone assumes that as a stay at home mum you’re just sat with your feet up all day, drinking coffee and having all the time in the world to yourself. How very very wrong they are.

I wish I had the free time to do what I want for even 2 hours of my day but the reality is that as the primary ‘homemaker’ as such, I just don’t. What others seem to forget is that while providing full time child care I also have to find the time to do all the laundry, the constant stream of washing up, dusting, hoovering, sweeping, steaming, cooking, cleaning bathrooms, deep cleans and sort outs of rooms.

In a perfect world my husband would help with all of the above tasks, and with some of them he does, but he’s the kind of person who seems to look straight past the mess and think that when the house is all clean and nice that we seem to have a fairy that has made it so.

Finding the time to do everything is, quite frankly, impossible.

I’m lucky in that Baby B will at least entertain herself for short periods of time in her highchair with toys, meaning that I can squeeze in some tasks throughout the day. But there are days where she just does not want to be put down and I find myself swaying around the kitchen with her in her carrier just trying to get her to nap.

I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to let something go, for your own sanity. I spent a few weeks riding myself into the ground trying to do everything before coming to this realisation. Who is really going to care if there is a basket of laundry hidden away in a bedroom? Or if the shower doors haven’t been scrubbed to sparkling after every use?

And if anybody does judge this? Screw them. Seriously.

When I became a mother my priorities shifted and I’ve learnt to prioritise the play and enjoyment of Baby B. She thrives on interaction, and the housework will always keep for another day.

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