Baby Care, Motherhood

The First Tooth


Everyone talks about ‘just wait until they’re teething’ but you get a whole new understanding of this phrase when you actually go through it.

For us we started experiencing this joyous phase just after Baby B hit the 4 month mark, and we had not 1 but 2 teeth at the same time.

From my own personal experience every single day of this period was trial and error. What worked to keep her happy one day was almost guaranteed not to work the following day, and things that she used to hate suddenly became my new weapons. It didn’t help that these 2 teeth coincided with the infamous Leap 4 (although I don’t really follow leaps, don’t believe in them) and a growth spurt which made her extra grouchy.

With the first tooth also came some trials in the form of nappy rash and disturbed sleep. We had been lucky in that from around 12 weeks Baby B had slept through from 6pm-4am so her sudden waking in the night was quite the shock to our system, and to be honest it has been hit and miss ever since. I could understand why she was waking but it didn’t make it any easier to deal with when pacing the dark living room at 3am every night and to be fair we have probably established some bad sleep habits in the process.

I tried all sorts of remedies to help ease the pain of the teeth for Baby B but I have to be honest and say that in my opinion, nothing really works. The teething gels are pointless, they don’t stay put long enough to actually do anything, Baby B just drools them back out at me! I tried the powders and teething granules, and while Baby B seems to like the taste of them I can’t say that they actually had any effect on her demeanour after having one. Or we have Calpol/Ibuprofen. I don’t like to give this unless absolutely necessary as I personally don’t believe in taking medication for things unless really needed. I wouldn’t want Baby B to build a tolerance to it which would reduce its effectiveness when we take her in to have her palate repaired. That being said, there were some days where I resorted to giving her a dose, usually in the afternoon, to try and help settle her.

I would say it took about a week for the tooth to break through the gum and start its descent but the fun didn’t end there. Until the full width of the tooth was through and it found its proper placement in her mouth, Baby B struggled with the pain. And hot on the trail of the first tooth was the second, and then the third, fourth & fifth all decided to come at once too. I’m not going to lie, it isn’t an easy thing to deal with, seeing your baby in pain and being quite helpless to ease it for them.

But there is hope. It doesn’t last forever! And, the quicker the teeth actually come in, the quicker it is over with and the more you can actually enjoy each day. I’ve learned to pounce on the weeks where there are no teeth coming through, use them to go out and about and enjoy the smiles before the next round begins.


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