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Ideas To Keep A Baby Entertained

Do you find it a touch difficult to keep your little one entertained? I know this is something I have struggled with since Baby B has become more alert and mobile.

She bores so easily and I found myself getting frustrated with trying to keep her entertained. With that in mind I thought I’d share some of my tips for keeping her little mind busy.

  1. Rotate. Rotate. ROTATE. – This is one of the things I learned early on. There are not a huge number of toys which a 6 month old can really engage with and understand, things are very ‘samey’. By keeping back a few toys and bringing new ones out each week I found it helped to keep Baby B’s interest for longer
  2. Variety – With the toys that you do have, variety is key. It’s all well and good that your little one likes a comforter, or a pram toy but you don’t really need 10 of them. They tend to be very similar so are not likely to keep her attention for very long. I have found that a mix of soft, interactive and musical toys work well in keeping Baby B entertained; as soon as she becomes bored with one type of toy I can move to another which requires her to use her brain in a different way.
  3. Toys to grow into – within reason obviously. For Christmas I asked for toys up to the age of 1. Over the last few months I’ve been able to see her reach developmental points where she can figure out what she is supposed to be doing with these toys, giving us a lot more use out of them.
  4. Naps – This one is a bit of an odd one I know but I have found that if Baby B is well rested then she is much more receptive to play and learning. When she sleeps her brain has a chance to process everything she has learnt and she wakes up fresh and ready to play some more! When she hasn’t slept well she is much more likely to be grumpy and whingey and I slowly lose my will to live trying to find something (usually that horrendous Baby Shark song) to keep her happy.
  5. Baby carriers – Sometimes you just need to get things done and this can be difficult when you have a small person constantly needing your entertainment. You’ll be pleased to hear that this is completely possible. Babies learn a lot by watching and mimicking you; if you pop your little one in a carrier which has a backpack style then you can get things done for half an hour and your little one will enjoy watching what you are doing and listening to you explain things to them. They won’t understand what you are saying per say but they will enjoy it nonetheless.
  6. Toys that move – This is a brilliant one for once they get mobile. Baby B is now crawling and she loves nothing more than a simple ball which she can chase across the floor. This hones her mobility skills and she finds it exciting that she can actually chase after this mysterious item which keeps running away from her – the squeals of joy when she catches it are adorable!

I’ve found the simplest things work the best for me to keep Baby B entertained, there is no need for me to be going crazy buying loads of expensive toys to stimulate her mind when the above ideas work perfectly well.

I think that with some of the baby apps there is too much pressure on women to constantly be playing with your little one to help them learn and develop, and with this comes the feelings of guilt and the idea that if they’re not doing this then they’re not doing enough. The simple fact of life is that you can’t be playing constantly, you’d never get anything done and you’d probably go a bit insane.

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