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The News Of Redundancy

For those of you in the UK, you may remember back in February that Honda announced the closure of their factory in Swindon.

For us this has a massive effect. My husband works there currently and our entire plan was built around his continued progression through the company and the wage that that would pull in for us.

Now, to be honest, we are up in the air awaiting decisions on their redundancy packages and trying to scrimp and save every penny to enable us to continue to live in this lifestyle for as long as possible. We are facing the prospect of my husband being out of work along with over 3000 other employees meaning fierce competition for any local jobs. I’m not going to lie, it’s stressful as hell and makes us feel like shit.

It’s caused arguments as well. Arguments over what jobs he should look into, whether he should train in a different sector, how long he should wait until he starts to look for another job. It’s piled extra stress on what was, to be brutally honest, an already struggling relationship.

Since Baby B’s arrival there has been a constant underlying tension between us and with this new problem to face it has only gotten worse. We’ve been battling our own demons in terms of sleep deprivation, hubby not always pulling his weight or being understanding of Baby B’s needs, and a diminished level of personal contact between us both. It has been an uphill battle for months now and we really didn’t need this extra pressure to be dealing with.

What my husband fails to see (or really acknowledge while wallowing in his own grief of the situation) is that yes, he is losing his job, but I may also be losing the life that we had planned. I have the more transferable skills for work and therefore if we struggle financially I may have to go back to work. This is huge for me. It goes against everything I have ever planned for my entire life and to be honest it hurts. Knowing that I might miss so much of the precious time with my baby before she starts school makes a pit open somewhere deep inside.

But if needs must, then that’s what will have to happen.

Like so many other parents I may have to go back to work in order for us to make the mortgage payments. At present I’m scouring all options to raise money from home in order to prevent this, I’m loathe to give up my time with Baby B. I want to be here so badly, I want to watch her grow, teach her, help to shape her into a wonderful child ready for school.

When we have an update on the redundancy package we will be able to make a more informed decision so we will just have to wait for that to come in now.

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