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Working From Home As A Mum

Those of you who have read my last post will remember that we have found ourselves facing redundancy from my husband’s job. As a result of this I have spent some time considering options that I can do from home to save us from putting Baby B into childcare while still earning a few pennies and helping to contribute to my household.

I found myself thinking about a couple of options, one is a more serious earner but comes with its own challenges. I’ve picked up some freelancing from home doing basic admin and data entry, listing on ecommerce sites such as Amazon. I’ve just completed my first job with this which brought in £180.00 – nothing groundbreaking but every little helps. This is all being done through a website called People Per Hour which means I am paying commission to the site for each job completed which obviously means I take a hit on each job – it’s 20% , so quite a big one!

The other problem I am finding with this avenue is that the site offers the jobs worldwide for freelancers to bid on. This means I am competing with an international market where the cost of living is not necessarily as high as the UK and therefore the other freelancers don’t necessarily need to be charging as much per job/ per hour for each job in order to make a living wage. This does lead to me undervaluing my time sometimes in a bid to win one of the jobs posted.

Another option I’ve decided to pursue is working for The Body Shop at Home. It took me almost 3 months of tossing this idea back and forth in my head before I decided to just go for it and see where it takes me. I actually know a woman who does this to supplement her income, I used to work with her in the hotel and have her added on social media so I can see how her journey has gone. I contacted her and asked for some more information on how it works and expressed my concerns that I don’t have an overly wide social circle to begin with so was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to drum up the interest to make the sales. She reassured me somewhat that it is doable as she has moved house within her journey – she always had a lot more friends than me though!

I’m only 4 days in to this but I have struggled somewhat with building interest among the people that I know and am pushing to reach people that I don’t know as I think I’ll have more success there. I have made a sale to the value of £18.00 so far but that doesn’t take me anywhere near the start up incentives which win me freebies! I have another 10 days to hit my first level of sales at £150.00 to get some extra goodies to add to my kit.

I have my ‘launch party’ next Saturday but that is looking to be a bit of a flop in terms of attendance. At least 2 of my friends cannot come so at present it looks to be me, my mother in law, brother in laws girlfriend and that’s about it. I have sent Facebook invites out to a couple of other people I know but they haven’t responded. I’m thinking of inviting some neighbours to this one to help bulk up the attendance, I don’t necessarily want them to even buy anything, just be there for support and for me to practice my party pitches on really.

I’m giving this a year while I also do some of the freelancing work to bring in extra pennies. If after a year it’s not working out for me I will honestly be able to say I gave it a good run and did my best. On a side note – if anyone based in the UK (I can only sell here) would like to join my TBSAH group on Facebook, you can find me here.

Here’s a little pic of me wearing some of the new products from my starter kit!


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