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Ideas To Keep A Baby Entertained

Do you find it a touch difficult to keep your little one entertained? I know this is something I have struggled with since Baby B has become more alert and mobile. She bores so easily and I found myself getting frustrated with trying to keep her entertained. With that in mind I thought I'd share… Continue reading Ideas To Keep A Baby Entertained

Hints and Tips, Motherhood

Finding Time For Yourself As A Mum

God this is hard. So hard. I think a good support network can definitely help with this one as babies can literally take over your life. Whether that be your partner, parents, or friends, having someone who can give you half an hour to grab a shower is a blessing. Finding time for yourself when… Continue reading Finding Time For Yourself As A Mum

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The Joys of Secondhand

I am a firm fan of saving money where possible when it comes to baby items; clothing and supplying endless amounts of entertainment to them is an expensive business! Secondhand items have saved us a small fortune when it comes to clothing for Baby B. I regularly scour the Facebook marketplace for bundles of secondhand… Continue reading The Joys of Secondhand