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A Happy Place

I realise I haven't written for a while, and my last posts were very much on the negative side. I'm happy to say things are looking up now. Some major changes have happened in our lives and it has brought things together, or started to at least. Firstly, I threatened to leave D. After my… Continue reading A Happy Place

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Baby B & The Body Shop At Home

I know it's been quite a while since I wrote here, a month actually, and I apologise. Life has swept me away a bit and I've been plugging myself into other things which meant I let this slide. But I'm here now with a little life update! So, Baby B now has 6 teeth! And… Continue reading Baby B & The Body Shop At Home

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The News Of Redundancy

For those of you in the UK, you may remember back in February that Honda announced the closure of their factory in Swindon. For us this has a massive effect. My husband works there currently and our entire plan was built around his continued progression through the company and the wage that that would pull… Continue reading The News Of Redundancy

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Baby Weaning

Since we were children a lot of the advice on baby care has changed, a fact which seems to completely escape people when it comes to weaning. When we were nearing the 4 month mark I heard a lot of 'well we started solids at 12 weeks and mine were fine' from the older generation,… Continue reading Baby Weaning

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The Joys of Secondhand

I am a firm fan of saving money where possible when it comes to baby items; clothing and supplying endless amounts of entertainment to them is an expensive business! Secondhand items have saved us a small fortune when it comes to clothing for Baby B. I regularly scour the Facebook marketplace for bundles of secondhand… Continue reading The Joys of Secondhand


Post Partum Hormones

Nothing and nobody could prepare me for how strong my emotions would be after I gave birth. I had of course read about the baby blues and how everything could be more intense but reading it and experiencing it are two very different things. With Baby B's cleft palate diagnosis I felt that I shut… Continue reading Post Partum Hormones