Mother’s Day

Now let me begin by saying - I do not believe in Mother's Day. In my view it is just another commercialised day where children (and adults) are pressured into spending money on gifts for their parents. We have birthdays, we have Christmas, do we really need another day? My husband realised it was going… Continue reading Mother’s Day


Struggling with Loneliness

One thing I have certainly noticed is that becoming a mum is a lonely job. I have both friends with children and friends without. It's difficult to talk about struggles with my best friend, who doesn't yet have children, as she doesn't really understand. For example, I can moan that Baby B has been a… Continue reading Struggling with Loneliness


Being Unable To Breastfeed

This is a particularly difficult subject for me to talk about as it was probably one of the biggest things I was looking forward to experiencing. When Baby B was born with a cleft palate the advice received from our cleft nurse was a resounding 'no' to breastfeeding. We were advised that it just wouldn't… Continue reading Being Unable To Breastfeed


Accepting Help With A New Baby

It can be very difficult to know when to accept help as a new parent, I definitely struggled with the concept of anyone helping me in any way and almost felt like I should just be getting on with things. The initial offers of help were from my husband's side of the family as they… Continue reading Accepting Help With A New Baby


The Labour Delivery Room

With labour quickly approaching last August it became quite apparent to me that there were some expectations that were definitely not going to be met. Primarily - My mother in law wanted to be notified that I had gone into labour so she could rush up to the hospital to support us. No way. Don't… Continue reading The Labour Delivery Room

Baby Care

3 Things I Wish I’d Known About Having A Newborn

No matter how much reading I did, nothing could prepare me for the experience of actually caring for a newborn, let alone my own little person. There are definitely some things I learn't along the way which I wish I knew beforehand though and some things I miss. Cuddles - I wish I had let Baby… Continue reading 3 Things I Wish I’d Known About Having A Newborn